Founders of the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors


IARM was founded in 2012 by Dr. Tony Humphreys, Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Author, Lecturer, National and International Speaker and Dr. Helen Ruddle, Psychologist and Author, together with qualified U.C.C. Graduates experienced in the area of parent and relationship mentoring.

The aim is to support and guide the professional practice of the University-accredited Parent and Relationship Mentors. IARM provides professional validation, an ethical framework, support for on-going deepening of conscious awareness, and an assurance for the public of on-going ‘fitness-for-practice’ of qualified Parent and Relationship Mentors.


Qualifications of Parent and Relationship Mentors

Mentors have graduated from University College Cork with a Higher Diploma in Relationship Mentoring (NFQ8) (which incorporates the original two year Diploma in Parent Mentoring (NFQ7).

Disclaimer:  IARM members who hold a Diploma in Parent Mentoring and/or Higher Diploma in Relationship Mentoring are qualified to mentor adults of 18 years of age and older.


Membership of IARM

IARM provides Members with advocacy, representation and support in the practice of Parent and Relationship Mentoring, as well as an opportunity to improve the Standards and Quality of Parent and Relationship Mentoring and Education in Ireland.

IARM welcomes members from across the profession, including Workers, Managers, Educators, and Students.

Members of IARM are governed by ethical standards of practice with Continuing Personal Reflection; Shared Vision and continuing deepening of conscious awareness, seen as crucial elements for ‘fitness-to-practice’.


Benefits of joining IARM

IARM is run by Parent and Relationship Mentors for Mentors and Students, continually providing advocacy on your behalf. As well as belonging to this community of Parent and Relationship Mentors, further benefits of joining are:

  • Guidelines on the Validation Process
  • Continuing Professional Personal Reflection opportunities
  • Ethical Practice
  • Fit for Practice Guidelines
  • Access to Senior Mentors and Shared Vision Practitioners


How to join IARM

We welcome members from all sectors involved in therapeutic practice to join IARM. Find out if you are eligible and how to join, by contacting IARM.