Appropriate for parents, grandparents, teachers, managers, child care teams and child minders.

The primary focus of the Course is the exploration of the need for parents (and others) to parent themselves. Since parents are the architects of the family, how they nurture and support themselves, determines family wellbeing.

When individuals/parents come to realise that there is never any blame, judgement or criticism of how they are in the world or of how they currently parent (teach or child-mind), but, rather, are met with compassion, kindness and support, they relax and begin to embrace their individuality, their creativity and their genius.

When the individuals/parents are relating from this strong sense of themselves, then they can provide the same safe relating for the young people in their care.

The Parent and Relationship Mentor can adapt this ten week Course to the needs of an individual or group, for example, delivered as a lunch and learn session; facilitated as a two-hour talk on a key topic; half day or full-day workshop on central course themes.


Themes include:

  • All parenting starts with self
  • Family Relationships and Feelings
  • Listening to and Responding to Feelings
  • Taking on responsibility – empowering our children
  • Family Communication
  • The Genius in All of Us – Self esteem
  • The Challenging Behaviours of Children and Parents
  • Discipline and Boundaries

Family Wellbeing starts with Parenting Self:

“Having done numerous Parenting Courses over the years, I have finally become more the parent I always hoped to be. My Relationship Mentor has guided and accompanied me through a journey of understanding my children, and more importantly,myself. She has changed my view of myself as a mum, and as a person. I started off this journey wanting to learn about improving my children’s self-esteem, and it has evolved into something that has turned out to be quite life-changing.”

- Audrey

All Behaviour Makes Sense:

“This was my first Parenting Course and I really enjoyed it and would highly recommend it to others. The Relationship Mentor was excellent and I took away so many valuable insights that have helped make our home a happier home"

                                                                                                                                                                                                                - Ciara

"I now understand that my child is communicating at all times even through their behaviours and I realise that my child does not get up in the morning with the intention of making life difficult for me but rather my child is trying to draw attention to what is difficult for them in their life"

                                                                                                                                                                                                               - Rachel