The Relationship Mentor and the individual seeking support, work together to uncover what was wisely and creatively hidden in the face of unsafety.

Through safe holding imbued with kindness, compassion, patience and understanding of our common humanity, we find real ways of living our lives and making conscious choices and decisions for ourselves.


“Doing the Parenting Course with the Relationship Mentor was one of the best investments we’ve made. We did this in private sessions rather than a class. This allowed us to go deeper into our own situations and to engage in challenges and growth that we would have found difficult in a group. It is now several months since we finished the initial course and the effects are still working. The course material is concise and clear, and the Mentor’s manner was both supportive and challenging”.

– Kevin

  •  Do you find yourself experiencing panic attacks?


  •  Are you feeling stressed, anxious, fearful, lonely or depressed?


  •  Do you feel your health, your wellbeing or your relationships at home or at work, is being affected?


  •  Are you feeling extremely confused in understanding your child’s challenging behaviours?


  •  Is your child showing signs of anxiety or feeling bullied, or lacking confidence or has low self-esteem?


  •  Has learning become difficult for him/her?


  •  Has there been any unexplained and unresolved illness?


  • Do you see conflict as an opportunity to deepen your relationship between you and your teenager? Are you clear on your own and your teenager’s boundaries and the role that clear and fair discipline plays in the setting of boundaries?


  • Sexual Expression is one of the many ways we communicate. Do you feel safe to express yourself authentically around your sexual needs?


  • Is there safety and respect around sexuality at home and elsewhere in your life and in your child’s life?


  • Do you struggle to know what makes you happy and can you express your needs?


  • Can you stay separate from the judgement of others?