Realising Your Potential

Appropriate for all adults

We all have a unique story; a biography; the story of where we’ve come from, interruptions we have experienced, how we’ve got to where we are now, what has influenced us and what has shaped the course of our lives to date. This story determines how we relate with ourselves and with others.

Our greatest need as children and as adults, is to be loved unconditionally – to be seen for self and be free to express ourselves fully. However, in the face of conditional relating (abandonment, comparisons, physical and emotional neglect), we as children, developed unique and creative protective responses because we innately knew the dangers to being real and fully expressive of our true nature.

When given safe holding, we can begin to examine our story with compassion and identify our protectors, such as, anxiety, depression, passivity, aggression, stress. We come to realise how powerfully and creatively we have attempted to look after ourselves, even if in substitute protective ways.

Through this exploration, we discover the parts of ourselves that have remained hidden (unconsciously) and we find real ways of living our lives and make conscious choices and decisions for ourselves.

The Parent and Relationship Mentor will adapt this Course to the needs of an individual or group, facilitated as a four/eight-week Course or a one to two-hour talk on a key topic. This course can be facilitated as a half day or full-day workshop on central course themes.

Themes include:
• Who am I and where I am now
• Belonging to self
• Feeling your way, thinking your way
• Listening is the first act of communication
• Communication is about getting through to self
• Stress as an Ally

Understanding how I relate to my self and with others:

“I have found my sessions with my Relationship Mentor both thought provoking and challenging. She is an excellent listener and has the ability of drawing out my deepest concerns and reasons behind them. She challenged my values around what is important to me, and has helped me re-focus in a much more positive and useful way. I always feel better after my sessions”

– Eamonn

Building Confidence & Self Esteem:

“I was quiet. The course has given me the confidence to be more assertive.”

“I’m more comfortable and confident in approaching things I would have found difficult in the past.”

– Course Attendees