The Heart of a Mature Society

Appropriate for all adults

In particular, those in Educational, Leadership and Management roles


The sad fact is that fear dominates most people’s lives and leads to them developing all kinds of protectors to reduce the various threats to their wellbeing. Those protective responses in turn pose threats to other people’s wellbeing and a sad cycle of fear is perpetrated. It is the creation of emotional safety that breaks that cycle and leads to conscious relating that begins to meet our deepest need to unconditionally belong and be empowered.

The move from unconscious to conscious relating will only happen when we find the safety to reflect on how we are within ourselves and how, out of that place, we relate with others. A holding world’s (for example, family, school, community, workplaces) wellbeing will depend on the degree to which conflict is resolved. If our inner world is harmonious then we will be better able to live with one another in harmony. It is in this sense that individual consciousness leads to wellbeing in society.

The Parent and Relationship Mentor will offer a safe non-judgmental place for individuals to explore their inner world and the opportunity to bring to consciousness what has lain hidden so that they can become more affective and effective in their various life roles.

The Parent and Relationship Mentor can adapt this Course to the needs of an individual or group; as a four/eight-week Course or delivered as a lunch and learn session; two-hour talk on a key topic; half day or full-day workshop on central course themes.

Themes include:

• Society’s Seven Best-Kept Secrets
• Heads of Relationship Holding Worlds
• Emotions Call for Motion
• Conscious Communication – the Life-Blood of Relationships
• Creating Safety through Boundaries
• Seeing Conflict as a Creative Opportunity
• The Path to Individual Consciousness
• The Power of Relationships

Creating Healthy Boundaries improves relationship at work and at home:

“I found this course very valuable in helping me better understand the idea and value of healthy boundaries between people both at home and in the workplace. It also helped me explore and understand my own behaviour and reactions in various situations, helping me find the freedom to better parent my children.”