Written by Dr. Tony Humphreys

In the room we had 180 attendees,  the government, Minister of State for Health Promotion, Marcella Corcoran Kennedy, Psychiatrist, Prof. Ivor Browne and our own Psychologist Dr. Tony Humphreys,  all saying relationship is the way forward for emotional wellbeing.

The evening was a fantastic success, it was opened  by the Minister and then Prof. Browne and Dr. Humphreys opened up to the audience with their own life stories. A discussion then evolved between the two guests and they discussed the related topics of “Maddening, madness, anger, anxiety, medication, labelling and talk therapy”.

  • Maddening
    What is Maddening is that talk therapy is not available to all who suffer emotional challenges. Both men have had long and different medical work experiences and conclude that talk therapy is most effective for emotional distress. What makes talk therapy so effective is the creation of psychological safety.
  • Madness
    Madness is a creation. It is often a defense used in order to cope.
  • Anger
    Anger is an emotion that is a call to take action for ourselves.
  • Anixety
    Anxiety a common symptom of our time.
  • Medication
    Medication is necessary at times and in the short term but should be considered in tandem with talk therapy
  • Labelling
    Labelling is about people trying to put people into boxes for the purpose of descriptions and to work within a system.

Prof. Browne concluded he should even sign up  to see Dr. Humphreys for Relationship Mentoring!

It was a great evening to promote wellbeing for all. See the video for the feedback on the conference.

Event was held  on May 3rd last IARM in the Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan, Co.Dublin.