A Course for and with Teenagers


A key change in the teenage years is that the young person is faced with letting go of the relative safety of the childhood holding worlds of home and community, primary school, church and neighbourhood. They are now moving into the wider and much more challenging holding worlds of adulthood – such as second and third-level education, the workplace, and wider society.

The crucial process in the teenage years is about starting to become one’s own person; it is about becoming independent; it is about taking responsibility for oneself and one’s own actions; it is about finding the safety to be true to oneself and to be authentic. The primary focus is on creating safety for the young people to ask questions and to voice their concerns.

The Parent and Relationship Mentor will offer this Course for teenagers in school or community settings. The Course can be adapted to the particular needs of a group, facilitated as a four/eight-week Course or a one to two-hour talk on a key topic – also available as a half day or full-day workshop on central course themes.

Themes include:
• How they feel about themselves
• How they communicate
• How they respond to stress
• How they respond to bullying/passivity
• How they resolve conflict
• How they feel about sexuality
• How they understand human suffering