IARM Strategy

IARM Vision Statement:

IARM: Accompanying Relationship Mentors as they make a meaningful contribution to the relief of human suffering.

IARM Mission Statement:

The mission of IARM is underpinned by the knowledge that relationships, within and between individuals, are fundamental to the practice of Relationship Mentoring.

Relationship Mentors who utilise the co creational approach, recognise that creativity, kindness, care, wisdom, compassion, love, and warmth all contribute to the emotional tone of the relationship between the Mentor and the Client. This deep-seated knowledge informs the underlying values of the mentoring relationship.

The Underlying Values which inform the mentoring relationship include:

  • Recognising that all mentoring starts with oneself
  • Being non-judgemental
  • Being present to oneself and to the other; actively listening
  • Being open to the other’s difference from oneself
  • Being supportive of the other’s attempts to find openness
  • Being considerate of the other’s particular circumstances
  • Staying separate – knowing that one’s own story and the other’s story are separate issues and both have their own reality and their own truth
  • Being facilitative of the other to live his or her own life
  • Being understanding of the threats that can arise in the worlds we inhabit
  • Being gentle in one’s approach to the other
  • Being nurturing; conveying the other’s worthiness of care
  • Recognising the other as the ‘expert’ – and the only expert – on his or her own life
  • Being empathic towards the feelings of the other, knowing that they arise from the loving and wise Self and are there for the person’s well being
  • Being patient; knowing that the other’s fears and protectors come from real experiences in his or her world
  • Being non-intrusive in the other’s space; allowing the other to make his or her own sense of things, and make his or her own choices and decisions
  • Bearing witness to the emotions and experiences of the other, without imposing one’s own agenda on them

Aims of IARM:

  • Holding World: To provide a supportive and encouraging holding world for our members and for members of the public.
  • Safeguarding: IARM has established stringent professional practice standards, alongside ethical frameworks and support policies and procedures, which safeguard both our members and the members of the public with whom we work.
  • Governance: To ensure adherence to appropriate organisational governance principles and policies within IARM. This includes best practice in the areas of education, validation, shared vision supervision.
  • Regulation of the Profession of Relationship Mentoring: IARM continue to lobby the Minister for Health and Department of Health in relation to the regulation of Relationship Mentoring, in conjunction with CORU.
  • Promotion of the Co-Creational approach: To increase public awareness so that Relationship Mentoring becomes a household name, and that members of the public have easy access to the therapeutic interventions they require.