Co-creational Relationship Mentoring

We provide validation, regulation and an ethical framework for Relationship Mentors working in Ireland. We strive to:

  • Be supportive and encouraging
  • To provide governance that places the well-being and safety of our mentors, and their clients (members of the public) at its heart
  • To raise public awareness of the profession of Relationship Mentoring
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Irish Association of Relationship Mentors (IARM), a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG), was established in 2012, as the professional membership body for Relationship Mentors in Ireland.


It provides validation, regulation, and an ethical framework for Mentors working in Ireland. Relationship Mentoring is a unique psychotherapeutic and counselling approach.

Relationship mentoring is grounded in the understanding that it is the quality of the individual’s own relationship with themselves that determines the quality of the relationship with another. It is not what is happening between individuals that is the critical issue, rather it is what is happening within the individual. The truth that each one of us is a unique and separate presence in the world is held as sacred in the co-creational relationship mentoring approach.

Relationship Mentors provide one to one therapeutic support, group support, and psychoeducational workshops and training

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Why choose relationship mentoring?

Why choose relationship mentoring?

  • Relationship Mentors are therapeutically trained to deal with a wide range of situations and individual challenges

  • The specialist training which Relationship Mentors have received means that each client has a very individual experience with their mentor

  • Relationship Mentors believe in your unique ability to find your own solutions in a way that works best for you

  • Relationship Mentors have undertaken (and continue to undertake) their own conscious self-reflection in Shared Vision Supervision

  • Relationship Mentors are uniquely placed to accompany you on your life’s journey

  • Relationship Mentors are experts in the relief of Human Suffering


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IARM: Accompanying Relationship Mentors as they make a meaningful contribution to the relief of human suffering.

The mission of IARM is underpinned by the knowledge that relationships, within and between individuals, are fundamental to the practice of Relationship Mentoring.

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Membership Benefits

Since its inception in 2012, IARM has been supporting Irish University qualified Relationship Mentors, to undertake their important work in a fast paced and ever-changing world.

IARM works on behalf of members, to develop and maintain professional and ethical standards and to champion the profession with the public, government and regulatory bodies, insurance companies, other organisations, and policy makers. We work to raise the credibility of and confidence in Relationship Mentoring, ensuring that our members are recognised for their competence, skill, and unique approach to the relief of human suffering.

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