Welcome to the Irish Association of Relationship Mentors

IARM is the professional governing body for Relationship Mentoring (which also includes Parent Mentoring) in Ireland and was established in 2012.

We provide one to one Relationship Mentoring to those experiencing distress in different relationship settings, (including families, schools, and workplaces), and who need therapeutic interventions.  Mentors also provide psycho educational programmes to individuals and groups in the community.

Our members work in several areas, both in private practice, and in many organisations, charities, and corporations.



IARM is the professional governing body for Relationship Mentoring in Ireland



 Our members are here to help and support individuals who maybe struggling with a variety of challenges in their lives, and in many different relationship settings. 


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We are always in relationship from conception right through to the end of life. It is the quality of those relationships that determines the wellbeing of individuals in all the settings in which we live.

Our most important relationship is the relationship with self. When we have a strong knowing of self, we can relate openly to all others; our children, partners, co-workers and the wider community. 

Relationship Mentors provide an unconditional, non-judgmental and compassionate relationship. This creates the safety for the individual to explore their relationship with self and others.

Our members have undergone University accredited training and have been awarded qualifications at NFQ level 7, NFQ Level 8, and at NFQ Level 9. 

In recent times, there has been more and more research in the field of Psychotherapy and Counselling which shows that it is not the type of therapy/counselling that is the significant influence on effectiveness; the significant influence is the relationship between Therapist and Individual.